Important Symptoms of Arthritis of the Knee

Knee arthritis is a common condition. Arthritis in the medical world is known as osteoarthritis. This disease occurs in protective cartilage, which is a part of bone that is often used to move. Knee arthritis is an age-related disease. The older age of a person means the more often the knee joint is used, so it has a higher risk of developing knee arthritis. However, knee arthritis can also occur at a young age due to genetic factors, infection, being overweight, or injury to the knee. Recognizing Symptoms of Knee Arthritis Here are the symptoms that arise when knee arthritis occurs. Swelling in the knee The first symptom of knee arthritis is inflammation of the knee, which is marked by the accumulation of fluid in the knee, so the knee swells, pain when pressed, the skin of the knee area is red and feels warm to the touch. This swelling occurs especially when the knee is not doing activities for a long time. For example, after waking up. If this complaint has been going on fo
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